Feast of Blades 40K Tournament

This is a Not Recurring recurring event.
Start Date & TimeAug 4, 2012 - 09:30 am
End Date & TimeAug 4, 2012 - 07:00 pm
Notes2000 points
DetailsWarhammer 40K Tournament

Feast of Blades

Saturday August 4, 2012

Registration starts at 9:30 am

Game time tarts at 10:00 am

Painting points applied to event.

All players must turn in army list two days before tournament date to reserve your spot in the tournament.

Send all list to: info@galaxycomics.net.

Lists turned in on time will be billed the $10.00 entry fee.

Army list turned in after the deadline will not be guaranteed a spot in the tournament for spots are limited to 16 spots.

Lists not turned in on time will be billed $15.00 to enter.

All players must have a copy of their army list.

All players must have a copy of the army codex you are playing.

All players must have their own copy of the rule book, NO PDF.

All armies must be represented with what they are equipped with.

To obtain painting/base bonus army must have at least three colors in appropriate locations.(if applied)

All army list must have on them: Player Name, What Army You are Playing, e-mail address.

All winnings must be used up 30 days after end of event or you for-fit your prize winnings.

Can not use tournament winnings to pay for other events.

More rules will be entered in later.

NOTE that all tournaments are subject to change with out notes.